West Sussex Wine Tour Competition


West Sussex Wine Tour Competition

West Sussex Wine Tour Competition! 

West Sussex Wine Tour Competition – You and a friend or partner could win this amazing competition for a wine tour of the stunningly picturesque Ridgeview Estate in West Sussex! 

The lucky winner will be able to choose a date that suits them and who will join them on this amazing experience. 


West Sussex Wine Tour CompetitionWhat is included in this amazing prize

  • A guided vineyard tour.
  • A guided tour of the winery and equipment.
  • A visit to the cellars.
  • Tasting of all current releases in a picturesque tasting room that overlooks the south. 


How do I enter to WIN this amazing prize?

To enter our West Sussex wine tour competition all you have to do is fill out the simple questionnaire below. Once you have filled out the questionnaire you will automatically be entered into the prize draw.

The winner will be announced in 2 weeks time on the 5th June.

Good Luck! 


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