Zinc Roofing Sussex – 5 Benefits of Zinc Roofing

5 Benefits of Zinc Roofing – Zinc Roofing Sussex

Zinc Roofing Sussex

Zinc roofing is one of the most beneficial materials to use for metal roofs. Zinc is incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of different profiles, including batten role, shingles, standing seam, rain screen, cross joints and double lock welts.

1. Weather resistant

Zinc roofing is also low maintenance. It’s highly weather resistant and offers a better aesthetic appearance than some other metals such as steel or even copper, which oxidises over time causing rust and, with copper, a green appearance.

Zinc is useful in that it resists corrosion and the oxidation process causes a zinc-carbonate layer, giving the roof a pretty appearance with a bluish hue and increased protection against the elements.

2. Long-Lasting

Due to the weather-resistant properties and resistance to corrosion, zinc roofing has great longevity and will last for years without needing extensive repair work.

3. Aesthetics

Zinc roofing is also a popular material with architects because it can be shaped into highly aesthetically pleasing forms. For example it is ideal for forming curves, chimney flashing or dormer window flashing.

4. Eco-Friendly

Zinc is also 100% recyclable and any rain water that runs off it is clean (unlike copper), making it hugely environmentally friendly.

5. Installation

Our zinc roofing is generally pre-fabricated and then installed on site, making the process of installation less disruptive for the customer.

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